We have 40 years of experience woodworking and building fine  furniture

When you cannot find what you want in a furniture store, then we are available to bring your dreams to life. We are comfortable working with individuals, interior designers, and architects.

If you can dream it, then we can build it. We build everything from custom tables, chairs, the entire bedroom set to built-in desks and storage or a wall of bookcases. We can build your unique designs to suit your taste, period, and design scheme.

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Furniture Restoration & Refinishing

Sometimes furniture needs restoration. Perhaps it’s old and hasn’t weathered well. Perhaps furniture was damaged by liquids or faded by the sun or was broken during a move.

All of your damaged but treasured pieces can be fixed and refinished. We use our experience, tools, and our artistic eye to bring your furniture back to its former glory or give it a new personality as you wish.


Refinishing furniture is an art in itself. It requires understanding how the piece was put together in the first place and then mitigating damage, restoring form and function, and making the furniture look beautiful again.


Creating new and unique furniture is very satisfying for the master craftsman. We can make the client happy in a way that no one else can, by bring their furniture dreams to life.

Furniture Restoration

Interested in a Custom Design?

We sit down and discuss each project in great detail with the client. It’s important to understand exactly what the client wants in terms of type of wood, look, color, finish, and design.

Every detail of every project is important to us, and we take great pride in getting everything right. Our furniture creations are our calling card, so we go to great lengths to make the client happy.

Custom Furniture


We took our old, weathered picnic table to FS1 a few weeks ago. They restored it back to its original beauty, and we were in shock with how well it turned out. They truly have a passion for their craft and were very kind and professional. They are a family run business in Langley, so we were very happy to support local. We will be taking more furniture to them in the future, and I highly recommend them.

Teira Mackie

Fine furniture. Made by hand for 40 years

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