FS1 Woodworking Services

For over 40 years, FS1 has provided high-quality and experienced woodworking services to the Greater Vancouver Region. Our mission is to help homeowners create kitchen furniture and refinish, restore, or repair any damaged or antique kitchen furniture they have. We are dedicated to our craft and work closely with our clients to ensure all projects are done accurately. We currently provide four main services.

Custom Furniture

FS1 Finishing has built a reputation for creating high-quality custom furniture. We build all of our furniture by hand. Our skilled craftsmen have experience building beds, cabinets, chairs, bookcases, live-edge pieces, vanities, and many more types of custom furniture. We are meticulous and detailed crafters.

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Furniture Restoration

We take pride in repairing damaged and antique furniture. Our process involves a careful and thorough inspection of the piece of furniture. We assess any damages and outline how we can fix them. During the restoration process, we repair broken parts, restore the original look, and fix anything else that comes up.

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If you have another woodworking service in mind, get in contact with us. We are happy to work with clients to help them create their dream piece of furniture. Whether it is designing new cabinets, restoring old antiques, or repairing damaged furniture, we are ready to help.