Fs1 finishing; fine art & furniture

Art has a very unique place in every culture and country in the history even in modern world. Everyone loves art and almost every body keeps at least one piece of art at home. It goes very back in history when the artists used their gift to create something unique and beautiful. If you browse through all the antique furniture, you will find some unique furniture mixed with art and make them very special.


Using the art with furniture is one of the most interesting and valuable kind of art which most of the people are interested in, but unfortunately in modern world, we see less artists who can build this kind of furniture. Imagine you have an Idea about a chair with specific design, has some carved areas and something that gives you the pleasure when you look at it, now the question is where you can possibly find that chair? 


There are two places we can find this type of furniture, one is to find and buy it as an antique which may not be the exact same as you want and because of the age, it needs to be repaired or refinished to get back its glory and the other option is to find a place or store who can build it for you but there is a big difference between them, when you order it to get build by the woodworking shop, you will receive the exact piece that you want, with the same design, same quality and fresh finish which will last for many many years.

Hand Made Furniture By FS1 Finishing

At FS1 Finishing we are delighted to build furniture with compilation of fine art which is all hand made for our clients who need it for specific area in their home or office. All of the art pieces are hand made, with no use of any laser or machine and it can be all natural wood. If you have any unique idea for your home, please contact us at 778-320-3490 and we are more than happy to bring your idea into life.