Furniture Restoration in Langley & the Fraser Valley

40 Years of Wood Furniture Refinishing Experience

13_1.JPGThere are many reasons why you may need to restore furniture, and the list below is by no means inclusive of all the possible reasons for refinishing:

  • Maybe you bought something old or damaged that needs refinishing.
  • Maybe you have some precious furniture that has become damaged over the years from children, pets, hard use, or sun fading.
  • Maybe you inherited some furniture that needs repair or refinishing.
  • Maybe something is broken from moving or wear and tear.
  • Kitchen tables and chairs can become loose and wobbly and dangerous to use.
  • Wood furniture can lose its stability and integrity from changes in humidity over the years.
  • Fasteners can fall out or be lost.
  • Something as simple as a glass of liquid left on a table can ruin a finish.
  • Maybe you wish to change the style or look or period of a piece.

There are many good reasons to restore furniture, and the best one is to be able to fully enjoy your furniture and prevent further damage. We can fix any or all of the problems listed above as well as a host of other problems not even mentioned.

We can also refinish and restore pieces that have a damaged finish or no finish at all. We can replace broken parts and make your kitchen furniture look and function like new again.

Antique and Museum-Grade Furniture Repair and Restoration

FS1 Finishing also accepts projects for antique and museum-grade furniture, such as furniture that is gilded.

If you have furniture that needs refinishing, please get in touch with us, and talk to us about your project. Let us help you to make your furniture something you can be proud of. We can arrange for picking up and dropping off furniture in the Langley and the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area.